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From an early age, Frank LaRose committed to putting the needs of others before his own. Service to his country, state, and family, rooted in his Christian faith, has defined Frank’s life. As a young man, Frank earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest in the Boy Scouts. As a soldier, he fought to bring peace and democracy across the globe. And, in the state legislature he has earned the respect of his colleagues and those he serves for his dedicated and conscientious approach to solving problems. Frank is a decorated combat veteran, former member of the U.S. Specials Forces, loving husband, son, brother and father who currently serves the citizens of northeast Ohio in the Ohio Senate. As a state senator, Frank has written laws that protect the integrity of the ballot box, modernize voter registration and prevent voter fraud. And he’s worked to cut burdensome regulations on small businesses and streamline communication between state government and small business owners. He has championed lower taxes for all Ohioans and cut red tape so that free market enterprises can flourish and Ohio families can prosper. Frank earned the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq as an Army Green Beret, and defended U.S. interests around the world including in Iraq, Kosovo, Africa, Oman and on the US/Mexico Border serving with the U.S. Special Forces and as a member of the 101 st Airborne Division. Frank is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University. He lives in Hudson with his wife Lauren and their three young daughters.

Frank On The Issues
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Frank believes Ohio’s economic prosperity is tied to the success of our job-creating small businesses.


Frank believes Ohio’s state and local campaign finance systems should be transparent, efficient and modern.


A strong fiscal conservative, Frank is a staunch advocate of frugal, smart and modern public administration.


Frank is dedicated to making our voting process modern, fair, accurate and accountable.


LaRose Joins Ballot Board in Unanimous Vote to Approve Anti-Gerrymandering Issue 1 for May Ballot

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

COLUMBUS—State Senator Frank LaRose (R-Hudson) today joined other members of the Ohio Ballot Board to unanimously approve Ohio’s historic congressional redistricting initiative to be on the ballot for the May 8 Primary Election. Issue 1 was initiated by the General Assembly through the passage of Substitute Senate Joint Resolution 5 in early February. “For over […]

Ohio’s historic congressional redistricting reform: Frank LaRose

Sunday, February 18, 2018

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Hey Washington, look what’s happening in the heartland. We’re working together to solve problems, and we are governing. For years, Ohioans have recognized the need to reform the winner-take-all process for redistricting following the census every ten years. Under the current process, the party with the majority draws the maps as they […]

LaRose Bill Will Increase Accountability, Bolster Voter Confidence And Better Secure Ohio Elections

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

COLUMBUS—State Senator Frank LaRose (R-Hudson) today introduced legislation that would make the current practice of conducting post-election audits a requirement for county boards of election under state law. Additionally, it will require that all county boards of election upgrade to a sophisticated statistical technique called a risk-limiting audit which is widely recognized as the best […]