America’s veterans offered their very lives for us. They risked everything to keep our country free. Many bear deep scars – physical, emotional, and mental. Frank LaRose is a veteran himself. He was deployed repeatedly overseas and is currently in the Army reserves. He’s seen the horror of war firsthand. Frank knows the challenges our veterans face upon their return home. He’ll ensure veterans receive the care and benefits they earned serving our nation.


America is facing nothing short of an invasion on our southern border. Now, a wave of chaos and crime is sweeping our nation thanks to Biden’s failed open borders policies. Frank served on the border. He has a plan to secure it and protect the American people.


Americans face a housing shortage, prohibitive costs for homeownership, and regulatory threats to neighborhoods.  The Biden administration and Democrats want to destroy suburbs in the name of “equity” while punishing consumers with good credit.


America spends more as a percentage of its economy on health care than any other developed nation.  The price of health care has grown out of control and the Biden-Brown agenda has placed our economy on an unsustainable trajectory. 


In addition to their Belt & Road Initiative to create subservient debtor nations around the globe and guarantee near monopolistic access to critical resources, Chinese interests have been financing or directly purchasing land, real estate, and strategic infrastructure all over the world and right here in America for more than a decade. Direct investment by the CCP in the U.S. economy, as well as purchases of strategically located properties are major threats to our national security. We should take smart and effective actions to stop CCP related entities from ever controlling strategically valuable domestic assets, but do so in a way that does not harm peaceful and productive foreign investment from allies already underway.


Sherrod Brown has spent the last sixteen years in the U.S. Senate cultivating a phony moderate persona for votes in Ohio while voting with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in DC.


America needs a trade network that creates jobs and benefits our economy and our workers. When we focus on America’s interests, we are also ensuring a secure industrial base for manufacturing and defense.  We specifically must reduce our exposure to and dependence on China.


Frank LaRose did not learn foreign policy at Yale or Harvard.  He is not part of the global elite responsible for Biden’s shambolic retreat from Afghanistan in 2021 – clearly one of our nation’s worst foreign policy disasters.


Frank LaRose is a father of three young girls and the only candidate in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race with grade school children. He believes no one, especially the government, should ever step between a parent and their child, and he’s uniquely qualified to fight for parents and students in the United States Senate.

Life & Health

As a Christian, Frank LaRose believes in the sanctity of human life, and he’s the only candidate in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race with a 100 percent pro-life voting record. As a husband and father of three girls, he also believes in supporting the well-being of women and mothers.