Crime & Safety


While Democrats work to defund the police and build sanctuary cities for criminals, Frank LaRose has been a leader in making our communities safer.

Sherrod Brown called police racist and suggested replacing cops with social workers, while his failed border and immigration policies led to devastating drug deaths in Ohio communities.

In the U.S. Senate, Frank will fight to reduce crime, protect public safety, support the recruitment of more police officers, and oppose every effort to defund the police and uphold law and order.

Brown’s Criminal Record

Ohio’s first responders are facing an unprecedented crisis. Sherrod Brown spent decades in Congress putting criminals ahead of cops, even going as far as calling police racist and suggesting they be replaced by social workers. Now drugs and crime are running rampant, especially in Ohio’s largest cities, as police recruitment and morale have taken a hit.

Because of liberal “Defund the Police” budget cuts, law enforcement officers are facing the worst working conditions in a generation, with their efforts undermined by liberal prosecutors and district attorneys who fail to keep criminals off the streets. Brown voted to soften penalties on sex offenders. He voted to block a bill that would stop so-called sanctuary cities from harboring illegal aliens and potential terrorists. He opposed funding to increase border patrols and build barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Those policies have led to an unprecedented flow of illegal drugs and violent crime into Ohio’s communities, large and small.

Making Communities Safer

Like most Ohioans, Frank LaRose has had enough of the lawlessness. In the U.S. Senate, he’ll help Ohio communities restore respect for the law by building on the crime-fighting record he established in the State Senate. He led the charge to combat the opioid epidemic by sponsoring Senate Bill 1, a bill to increase criminal penalties for trafficking or possessing fentanyl. Frank made clear that those who were addicted needed to be in treatment, “but those who are trafficking this poison need to be in prison.” He cosponsored a bill allowing judges to give longer prison terms for major drug offenders, and he led the effort to increase penalties for violent career criminals.

Standing with Law Enforcement

Frank has a long record of supporting Ohio’s law enforcement community, including co-sponsoring legislation to expand police training and investing millions into local communities to support first responders. Frank also stood with the families of law enforcement. He sponsored legislation to create a Dependents Fund that provides death benefits to families of officers killed in the line of duty, as well as disability benefits to disabled officers and deputies.

Putting Public Safety First

In the U.S. Senate, Frank will work to reduce crime, protect public safety, support the recruitment of more police officers, and oppose every effort to defund the police. He’ll support efforts to crack down on radical prosecutors and district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes and will back House Rep. Jim Banks’s (R-IN) effort to protect qualified immunity provisions that shield law enforcement officers from frivolous lawsuits. He’ll also fight to block federal support for corporate or academic programs that promote the demonization of America as a “racist” society.

Bottom Line

In the U.S. Senate, Frank will fight for stronger families and safer communities, and he’ll stand with our first responders, who put their lives on the line for our communities every day.