While Sherrod Brown has collected more than $5 million in government paychecks after nearly 50 years in public office, he’s far out of touch with hard-working Ohioans.

The Biden-Brown economic policies have hit Ohioans hard with reckless spending, massive inflation, historic tax increases, record debt, smaller paychecks, and higher costs of living for everything from gas to groceries.

Frank will work to get government spending under control (especially on radical programs and policies that don’t support American values), make middle class tax cuts permanent, get the government off our backs, and incentivize domestic production and innovation, from energy to health care.

Leading Ohio’s Comeback

As Secretary of State, Frank LaRose oversees the creation of every new business in the State of Ohio. On his watch, more new businesses opened than at any time in the state’s history. In fact, Frank helped lead one of the greatest economic comebacks ever recorded. When he got elected to the State Senate, Ohio had double-digit unemployment, ranked 48th nationally in job creation, and had pennies in its rainy-day fund. Frank got to work balancing the state budget, cutting taxes, and making Ohio one of the top-ranked states for economic growth. He helped create and implement the economic development policies that brought major investments from companies, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Intel, to the Buckeye State.

Build Back… Bust

Meanwhile, Sherrod Brown’s policies have failed us. The Democrats promised to Build Back Better, but instead we got record inflation, decreased wages, the threat of recession, and rising costs for everything from gas to groceries. Worse, Democrats in Washington didn’t stop with their reckless government “stimulus” spending in 2021. They rolled into 2022 with a hyper-partisan and grossly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, racking up billions of dollars in new debt and higher taxes on middle-class Ohio families to advance the radical policies of the Green New Deal. The Biden-Brown economy has been a bust.

Biden-Brown Policies Hurt Ohio

This runaway spending has inflated our nation’s money supply, hiked inflation, and kicked American workers in the wallet, while greatly increasing their cost of living. Already walloped by the pandemic, many middle- and lower-income Ohioans have had to make terrible choices between paying for gas, food, medicine, heat, and rent.

For more than two years now, inflation has outpaced wages under President Biden and Sherrod Brown. In fact, earnings have fallen each month since Biden-Brown passed their $1.9 trillion “stimulus.” Ohioans are undeniably worse off. Overall prices in the Midwest have shot up 16.5% since Biden took office. Midwest household energy prices are up 18.3%; food and beverage prices are up 20.5%; and gas is up 54% despite the reckless and politically-motivated Biden-Brown decision to drain our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Now, after ramping up the cost of living, Biden and Brown are eager to raise your taxes and are advocating red tape regulatory proposals that will wreck Ohio’s oil and gas sector. Biden has also placed 351,000 oil and gas jobs in Ohio in his sights, issuing aggressive anti-fossil fuel development rules to put them out of work. Ohio’s next U.S. Senator must aggressively reject these overbearing restrictions.

The state’s oil and gas production should be expanded to help increase the supplies that can reduce energy inflation and return America to energy security. When energy is cheaper, the cost of everything that is transported and powered decreases. Ohio has the solution right under our feet.

A Unique Record of Recovery

Frank will support policies to reduce the burden on families and decrease the cost of living – just as he did in the Ohio Senate. He has a record of cutting taxes for families, businesses, and farmers, and supporting policies to spur economic growth.

Frank is the only candidate in the race who has never voted to raise taxes, and he’s the only candidate with a consistent record of lowering the tax burden on Ohioans. He supported the largest tax cuts in Ohio history, voting to cut personal income and small business taxes. He voted to eliminate the death tax in 2011 and worked to enact reforms, supported by the Ohio Farm Bureau, in 2017 that lowered taxes on Ohio’s farmers and agriculture communities.

Right after being sworn-in as a U.S. Senator, Frank will introduce legislation to reduce burdensome red-tape regulations and to permanently eliminate plans made by the Biden-Brown team to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to harass hard-working middle-class Ohioans.

Busting Up Regulations

On regulatory policy, Frank was a leader in the Ohio Senate. He chaired the committee that established greater oversight of executive agencies and accelerated legislative review of anti-business rules. He cosponsored SB 221 in 2018 to give the General Assembly greater oversight of state government, returning accountability to the people’s elected representatives, rather than the bureaucrats. He also voted to successfully override the governor’s veto of this important check and balance. As a chair of the legislative committee that works to restrain the regulators, Frank helped modernize Ohio’s oversight process by taking power away from unelected bureaucrats.

As a U.S. Senator, Frank will insist on the same from legislators in Washington. He’ll support the REINS Act, which mandates federal regulations with an economic impact of more than $100 million be subjected to Congressional review and approval. He’ll also fight to reform NEPA and other laws that slow the approval process for construction, transportation, and energy projects. Pipelines to move oil and gas during a global energy crisis should not take five years to obtain federal permits.

Fighting Woke Agendas

These regulatory delays curtail economic growth and increase the cost of living for everyday Americans. And as retirees suffer from low returns due to “woke” board members and activists pushing radical ESG and DEI goals, Frank will work to ensure hard-earned investments go to your retirement and to your loved ones, not some leftist social engineering project.

Time for a Change

It’s time to get federal spending and inflation under control, and that starts with replacing Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown, who between just the two of them have spent 100 years in office.