America spends more as a percentage of its economy on health care than any other developed nation.  The price of health care has grown out of control and the Biden-Brown agenda has placed our economy on an unsustainable trajectory.  Healthcare insurance premiums are expected to increase by 6.5% over the next year, the highest increase in years.  But Sherrod Brown has worked his entire political career to demolish commercial markets in an attempt to force American families into a single-payer government-run system.

Brown happily supported the Obamacare deception that premiums would decrease and the outright lie that patients would be able to keep their doctors.  The reality has been the opposite for millions of Americans who struggle to pay their health insurance premiums and can no longer see the doctor of their choice.  The left’s policies have increased the cost of health insurance for businesses, negatively impacting wages, and have increased premiums for American families.  Americans should be able to pick their doctors and purchase private insurance that fits their individual needs, not be forced into a socialist health care system.  Frank’s guiding principle for American health care is to put the American people first, not the insurance companies, Big Pharma, or hospitals.

Bring Price Transparency to US Health Care: America is the most prosperous and freest nation in world history.  Our strength comes from our free-market system which yields ingenuity and creativity, where medical advancements are rewarded, and patients have access to the best medical care in the world.  Statist policies have distorted the healthcare market, allowing both the health plans and providers to hide the true cost of healthcare.  The system operates more like a racket than a market.

The lurch toward “medical socialism” has put too many families on the brink: one medical bill away from losing their homes.  A recent study found that “more than one in 10 American adults and nearly one in five U.S. households have medical debt.  Making matters worse, incurring medical debt more than doubles your chances of not being able to afford food, rent, mortgage or utilities, and losing your home.”  Americans work, pay their taxes and insurance premiums, follow the rules, and take care of their families.  Yet they don’t know what they are buying when they visit the doctor or hospital and can end up deeply in debt and destitute.

Frank is the battle-tested conservative running for the US Senate; Frank is not afraid of a fight and will bring the fight to those who do not want to change the status quo of hiding costs from patients.  Since the Trump administration required more disclosure of charges and coverage costs from plans and hospitals, many of them have fought tooth and nail to keep this information from becoming available.

Frank will join the work of Senator John Kennedy who has begun the process of codifying the Trump administration rules with the Hospital Transparency Compliance Act, where hospitals must provide their charges for certain procedures to be provided to the public in a “consumer-friendly” format.

Legislation such as this would help lower the cost of health care by bringing market principles into the system.  American families and small businesses deserve better from their elected representatives in Congress.  As your next US Senator, Frank will fight to bring transparency to the healthcare industry and empower families to purchase health insurance that best fits their needs.

Keep Woke Ideology out of the Doctors Office: Leftist ideology has spread throughout the nation’s media, Hollywood, sports, classrooms, and now, our doctor’s offices.  The partisan Human Rights Campaign has recently attacked hospitals with their unsafe “diversity, equity and inclusion” agenda.  Instead of focusing on the doctor-patient relationship and health care outcomes, the HRC has created a new scorecard for providers that judge these institutions based on their indoctrination of health care professionals, prominently displaying LGBTQ+ paraphernalia in public hospital settings, requiring the use of the patient’s preferred pronouns instead of those assigned at birth, and dispensing treatment for gender dysphoria.  Hospitals, especially faith-based facilities, and hospitals associated with religious orders are even penalized for allowing their healthcare providers to opt out of this indoctrination and ideologically-driven health care.  Hospitals have become the next battleground for the left to overtake, and are being funded by massive woke corporations – who of course eventually pass those costs on to us, the patients.

Healthcare professionals choose to devote their lives to the practice of medicine to aid the afflicted and to care for their communities.  Patients who arrive sick at the hospital do not want the hospital’s focus to be placed on kowtowing to left-wing tropes.  They want great doctors, nurses, and professionals to take care of them.  Frank will protect these healthcare workers and patients from the woke ideology being brought to their offices.  Senator Rubio has introduced the Protecting Conscience in Healthcare Act.  This legislation would protect our healthcare professionals from being forced to participate in this indoctrination, and instead focus on saving lives.