America is facing an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration at our southern border. It’s nothing short of an all-out invasion.

Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown refuse to address this crisis and secure our border. It’s wrong and it’s dangerous.

Americans are dying. Fentanyl is flooding our nation. The cartels are pushing border communities to their limits. Now, the entire country – including Ohio – is deep in a drug epidemic.

It’s time to bring back President Trump’s strong border policies that kept us safe. Frank LaRose has a plan to secure our border and shut down the cartels and human traffickers for good. He’s been consistently conservative on immigration and he’s ready to protect our country and save American lives.

America Invaded

It’s chaos on the border and there’s no place in this country that isn’t affected by it.

Drug cartels bring untold amounts of fentanyl over the border and distribute it throughout our nation. Far too many of our fellow Americans and Ohioans have buried loved ones because of this deadly narcotic.

And the gangs and cartels aren’t just smuggling drugs into America. They’re smuggling people.

Human traffickers are importing the most horrific forms of evil and abuse right into our country. Women and young girls face sex slavery. Innocent children are used as shields to manipulate our laws and asylum policies.

We’re in the middle of a catastrophic crime wave. Now, every state – including Ohio – is a border state. Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown have failed us.

Biden and Brown’s Shocking Failure

Americans are dead because of Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown’s open borders policies. Blood is on their hands.

Biden and Brown know fentanyl is flooding America, leaving families broken forever – and yet they’ve done nothing.

Biden and Brown know of the human trafficking and rampant sexual abuse of women and girls – and yet they’ve done nothing.

Biden and Brown know cartels and gangs ravage border communities and bring their crime all the way to states like Ohio – and yet they’ve done nothing.

Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown have only made the problem worse. Is it incompetence? Or is it the willful destruction of our nation?

Enough is enough.

Make Our Borders Strong Again

Frank LaRose knows that without strong borders, we don’t have a country. As our Senator, he will proudly stand up and fight for Ohioans and all Americans. He’ll secure our border, shut down the cartels, and save lives.

As a soldier in the 101st Airborne, Frank served on the border where he supported the Border Patrol. He saw the disastrous results of the open border firsthand – and the situation has only gotten worse since then.

President Trump got the job done during his time in office. We need to return to those successful policies which protected Americans and stopped the flow of deadly drugs.

This isn’t about politics. It’s about safety, security, and national sovereignty. It’s about protecting our country and fellow Americans.

Frank LaRose has been consistently conservative on immigration – and he has an actual plan to get the situation at the border turned around.

Frank’s Conservative Plan to Secure the Border

In 2023 alone, over 160 individuals on the foreign terrorist watch list were apprehended while attempting to cross the border. This is a national security emergency.

America must act. No more open borders. No more lawlessness.

Frank LaRose will lead our nation out of this crisis with his plan to secure our border. 

1. Finish Trump’s Wall

Walls work. Just take a look at the homes of any of the Washington or Hollywood elite. It’s time to close the border, finish President Trump’s wall, and put new technology into the hands of our Border Patrol agents.

2. Deport the Biden Invasion

The illegal aliens who came here during Biden’s border crisis must be deported. This will remove these unvetted individuals who pose a security risk to our nation, send a clear message to prospective illegal immigrants that the border is closed, and help inform us how to handle the millions of other illegal aliens who are in America.

3. Lifetime Ban

Foreign nationals who break our laws shouldn’t receive rewards. No amnesty. No special treatment. Illegal aliens will face a lifetime ban from ever gaining citizenship or government benefits.

4. Enforce Title 42 and Expedited Removal

We need to bring back President Trump’s border security strategy. That means reinstating the enforcement of Title 42 and “Expedited Removal” policies as well as reinstituting the “Remain in Mexico” agreement. When President Trump was in office, we weren’t facing an illegal immigration crisis like the one Biden created. Let’s return to a border plan that actually worked.

5. Label Cartels as Terrorists

Mexican drug cartels kill, destroy, and wreak havoc on our great nation. The cartels are terrorists and must be labeled as such. This will allow us to immediately deport anyone associated with a cartel and give the government the power to take out cartel leaders on the other side of the border.

6. Implement Travel Bans

Radical Islamic jihadism is on the rise once again. We need to take this threat seriously by reinstituting a ban on travel into the country from nations who have no security apparatus or ability to verify the background of travelers.

7. Support Our Border Patrol and Local Police

The men and women of the Border Patrol and local law enforcement risk their lives every day to protect us. But right now, Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown have hung them out to dry. Instead, Frank LaRose will stand with law enforcement and ensure they have the tools they need to keep our nation safe.

Bottom Line

America is a sovereign nation. We have the right to protect our borders – and we must carry out that right.

The open borders policies of Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown have failed, and Americans have paid the price.

As our Senator, Frank LaRose will stop the invasion at our southern border and secure our nation. It’s time to end the Biden border crisis. It’s time to stop the chaos. It’s time to save lives and protect America.