Standing Up for Families, Girls Sports, and Conscience Protections


Transgender Activism

In 2023, Sherrod Brown submitted a request for a $750,000 earmark for an Ohio non-profit that organized so-called ‘drag queen song and story time’ events attended by impressionable young people and even toddlers. The rapid rise of transgender activism by media, educational elites, and in the healthcare industry is shocking. In just a few years, a civilizational concept, the idea of biological men and women, has come under seemingly withering assault by once respected institutions. Real, physical damage has been done to some children already and youth media culture has been turned into a pressure cooker for far too many, pushing underdeveloped minds to choose surgeries and hormone treatments sometimes even with parental involvement. Subjecting young children to such irreversible procedures is nothing short of child abuse. All of this has the backing and promotion of liberal politicians and public school systems. By invoking the term “gender-affirming care,” elected officials and administrators across America are actively supporting the idea of withholding information about surgeries and treatments from parents. Frank is a parent and believes his first priority is to protect his three young girls. He has real concern and compassion for every child who feels helpless and is taught to believe that changing their gender is their only hope. But he also thinks children must not fall victim to a predatory gender transition industry and that lawmakers must stand with caring parents to protect children. In the Senate, he will fight to ensure parents have the final say on irrevocable medical decisions, prohibit doctors from performing reassignment operations on minors, and prohibit federal funding of reassignment surgeries and treatments including through irresponsible organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Because of his commitment to our values, he’s earned the endorsement of Family PAC Federal.

Protecting Women’s Sports

Today the future of women’s sports is seriously in jeopardy because the radical left continues to attack the very fabric of our society, including basic biology and common sense. As a father of three young girls, Frank wants his daughters to have the opportunity to compete in sports against other girls. Frank believes laws must recognize biological differences between men and women and protect sex-segregated team or individual sports. Without such distinctions, society is placing women and girls in blatantly unfair and even dangerous situations. When the Biden administration rewrote Title IX to force schools to allow biological males to play girls’ sports, they turned their backs on girls, robbing them of opportunities to learn sports and compete and earn scholarships. In the Senate, Frank will work to block or defund these policies and will always stand up for the basic, commonsense idea of keeping boys out of girls’ sports. We must protect girls sports and protect women from the continued attacks from the leftists who continue to put radical gender ideology ahead of common sense.

Strong Conscience Protections for Religious Groups

As an Ohio state senator, Frank supported strong conscience protections for religious organizations and believes people should not be forced to do things contrary to their views, including being involved in same-sex marriage ceremonies. He views the 2022 so-called Respect for Marriage Act, advanced by partisan Congressional leaders, as a political stunt to distract from President Biden’s abysmal record on inflation, energy policy, the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan, and failure to protect the Southern border.