Supporting Small Business


Frank knows that nearly 2 out of 3 new jobs are created by small businesses, and that’s why he has led the way to make Ohio a better place for small businesses to open, grow and succeed. In the senate, Frank authored legislation that eliminated outmoded, burdensome regulations and streamlined the relationship between state government and small business owners. His leadership helped to cut new business filing fees by 21%. As secretary of state, he will work to ensure that Ohio’s entrepreneurs are not slowed down by government red tape.


Modernizing Campaign Finance


Frank believes Ohio’s state and local campaign finance systems should be transparent, efficient and modern. He has led the way on eliminating antiquated requirements for municipal, county and local candidates when filing campaign finance information with county boards of elections and replacing them with reforms that deliver greater transparency and accountability. As secretary of state, he will continue to push for modernizing county-based campaign finance systems and increasing transparency in city, county and other local races.


Saving Tax Dollars


When Frank was first elected to the senate, Ohio faced an $8 billion structural shortfall in the state budget. Frank worked with his colleagues to balance the budget without raising taxes, and voted to kill the burdensome estate tax. The state’s rainy day fund, which had been depleted to $.89, now has over $2B in reserve to ensure that Ohio remains a stable home for businesses and families. And after losing nearly 400,000 jobs in the four years before Frank was elected, Ohioans have created over 450,000 jobs as a result of the policies that Frank has championed. As a fiscal conservative, Frank is a staunch advocate of frugal, smart and modern public administration. He has authored and cosponsored legislation to modernize government systems and enforce cost-efficiency in government operations. An example of his cost-saving, common sense approach is a bill he authored that would eliminate primary elections when only one candidate appears on the ballot. This measure will prevent taxpayers from paying for unnecessary elections, saving millions of dollars.


Protecting the Ballot Box


Frank is dedicated to making our voting process modern, fair, accurate and accountable. He is the author of legislation that created Ohio’s first online voter registration system. This new law requires the secretary of state to conduct a review of Ohio’s Voter Registration Database to identify non-citizens on our voter rolls. This new law has helped uncover hundreds of non-citizens who were registered to vote in Ohio, 82 who voted in at least one election in 2016. More secure than paper registration alone, this new online system immediately checks a voter’s eligibility prior to accepting the registration. The system crosschecks voter information with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ internal database to verify citizenship and other required information. As a result of Frank’s legislation, Ohio’s voter registration system is more convenient for voters, saves millions in taxpayer dollars and assists state and county elections officials keep more accurate records.


Veterans for LaRose

Frank LaRose enlisted in the United States Army when he was 18 years old, and served in the 101st Airborne and with the U.S. Special Forces as a Green Beret during his decade in uniform. He is the only veteran running on the endorsed statewide ticket in either party.

When elected to serve as Secretary of State, Frank LaRose will ensure our bravest Ohioans have confidence in the democratic processes they are fighting to protect and will work to identify ways that make it easier for our troops to vote while they are serving overseas.

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