LaRose for Secretary of State Announces Veterans Leadership Council

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, the LaRose for Secretary of State campaign announced its Veterans Leadership Council. This diverse group of veterans from across the state will help advise the campaign on issues impacting men and women serving in the military, their families as well as all those who have served in the past. Together, they will work with the campaign on ideas to improve military voting and institute more business-friendly policies that will make it easier for members of our military to return home and start a business in Ohio.

Frank LaRose is the only veteran running on the endorsed statewide ticket in either party. LaRose served as an engineer in the 101st Airborne Division and also spent six years in the U.S. Special Forces as a Green Beret. He served our country in places like Iraq, Kosovo, Africa, Oman and on the US/Mexico border, and earned a Bronze Star for his service in Iraq.

The Veterans Leadership Council will be an active component of the LaRose for Secretary of State campaign. Additionally, the campaign will begin a digital ad buy today.

“When we swore an oath to protect the constitution, it didn’t have an expiration date. It’s a lifetime commitment.” LaRose said. “When elected to serve as Secretary of State, I will ensure our bravest Ohioans have confidence in the democratic processes they are fighting to protect and will work to identify ways that make it easier for our troops to vote while they are serving overseas.”

“Frank and I have worked together on a number of important pieces of legislation, and I was always impressed by his discipline, courage to fight for things, and his understanding of the needs of our veterans,” said Col. Tom Moe, who served as the former Director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services. “Frank is a man of honor, a man of service and integrity, and is the perfect example of why we need more veterans serving in office.”

LaRose’s legislative work on elections issues started in 2011 when he was approached by the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to help improve Ohio’s military voting, which had previously been ranked poorly by the Department of Defense. Because of their efforts, Ohio’s system for military voting has vastly improved. LaRose plans to continue identifying ways to improve participation and confidence in military and overseas voting for military personnel and their families.

Military and overseas voting begins on Saturday, March 24th for the May primary. Ohioans who are currently serving in the military can visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s website for information on how to cast their ballot.

Please visit for more information.

LaRose for Secretary of State Veterans Leadership Council Members:
• Deborah Ashenhurst, U.S. Army
• Jim Ashenhurst, U.S. Army
• Jason Beardsley, U.S. Navy and U.S. Army
• Sean Clifton, U.S. Army
• Congressman Warren Davidson, U.S. Army
• Nick Dixon, U.S. Army
• Jason Dominguez, U.S. Marine Corps
• Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz, U.S. Air Force
• Councilman Haraz N. Ghanbari, U.S. Navy and U.S. Army
• John Hall, U.S. Army
• Brook Harless, U.S. Army
• Senator Frank Hoagland, U.S. Navy
• Congressman Bill Johnson, U.S. Air Force
• Brian Kennedy, U.S. Marine Corps
• Robert W. Landies III, U.S. Marine Corps
• Greg Long, U.S. Army
• Commissioner Ryan Mack, U.S. Army
• Bill Miller, U.S. Army
• Tom Moe, U.S. Air Force
• Commissioner Brian Stewart, U.S. Army
• Congressman Steve Stivers, U.S. Army
• Senator Lou Terhar, U.S. Navy
• Congressman Brad Wenstrup, U.S. Army
• Senator Steve Wilson, U.S. Navy

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