Welcome Center hosts Young Republicans Convention


ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Young conservatives from all over the state joined together in Zanesville on Saturday morning.

The Ohio Young Republicans held their annual convention at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Welcome Center. The convention is an opportunity to gather Young Republican members from all the Ohio Chapters and discuss plans for the party’s future.

“It’s a time when all of our local chapters can get together and elect leadership for the future of the YR’s. Also to hear from what’s going on on the national level in the YR’s, and to hear from all of our republican candidates and office holders. Really just a time to be able to get together, plan for the future, and also just get to know our candidates better,” explained Sarah Spence, the Chairman for the Ohio Young Republicans.

Spence says it’s really important to get people involved at a young age because it sets that expectation and standard going forward in their lives of civic duty, civic responsibility and the ability to have a voice.

Among the speakers at the convention were State Representative Robert Sprague, who is running for Ohio Treasurer; State Representative Brian Hill and Senator Troy Balderson addressed the Young Republicans today, as well as Dorothy Pelanda, who will be running for Secretary of State.

However Pelanda’s Primary opponent, State Senator Frank LaRose, was first to address the Young Republicans this morning. LaRose, 2018 Secretary of State candidate, says the young people that are running campaigns now are the backbone of the party, and it’s important they encourage everyone in their communities to get involved and vote.

“As a young Republican myself, I recognize that these are the folks that are providing the energy and the talent that keeps the party running. If you go to any campaign office you’ll find that it’s Young Republicans that tend to be staffing the place, keeping it running, and doing the work,” said LaRose.

Senator LaRose also says there are many Republicans in their 20’s and 30’s that are holding elected offices in Ohio, which provides that young perspective to state government which is so important.

One of the major motivations for Senator LaRose is working with individuals that want “a seat at the table” and want to be a part of making decisions about how our state is going to be governed, and how our nation is going to be governed.

“Decisions that are made in Columbus, in Washington, here in your hometown, those decisions are going to impact your life, your business, your family, and so if you don’t get involved, you’re letting somebody else make the decisions,” LaRose

Reducing the apathy among young voters is one key step among LaRose’s campaign. He says too many young people don’t feel they have a voice, and don’t feel their vote counts.

Approximately 12 elections in Ohio each year are decided by one vote– and while many of those many be smaller local issues– it demonstrates the importance of individuals being a part of a group that have the power to make change.

Voter fraud is another factor that LaRose feels plays into the lack of involvement among young voters. While he says voter fraud is real thing, and when it happens, individuals need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent, but he reiterates it does not happen often, and we should not overstate it when it does.

“We should’t go out there and tell people that there is rampant and widespread fraud, and that your vote doesn’t count. The fact is tens of thousands of hard-working elections officials come out a couple times a year and they conduct free and fair elections in the United States of America and especially here in Ohio.”

Saturday’s convention concluded with an awards ceremony and banquet at Bryan’s Place which included the Swearing-In of the new Executive Committee, along with speeches from Speaker of the Ohio House Cliff Rosenberger, and Keynote Chairwoman Jane Timken.

You can find Senator Frank LaRose on social media–@FrankLaRose– as well as FrankLaRose.com where you can find donation and volunteer information.

Story by Matthew Herchik from WHIZ Zanesville 6/3/2017.

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