Jobs for Northeast Ohio

After Northeast Ohio was hit hard by the downturn of the economy, Frank LaRose came to office determined to restore good-paying jobs.  In the three years Frank has been in the Senate, Ohio has regained nearly a quarter-million jobs.  To help Ohioans seek new opportunities and learn new trades, Frank voted for a bill that helps pay tuition and training costs in order for students to be pipelined directly from a local community college to an in-demand job.

Frank has also led the push to reduce bureaucratic red tape and unnecessary regulations holding back businesses from thriving and growing.  His bill instituted stricter standards state agencies must meet in order to implement new regulations on employers.

Supporting our military and veterans

Frank serves as chairman of the Senate Public Safety, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs Committee.  Having been in the military for ten years, Frank understands the sacrifices our men and women in uniform and veterans undergo and also the hardships their families often face.  He believes more can be done to give veterans college or vocational credit for training they received while in the military.  He also wants to bring Ohio in line with DOD recommendations and the vast majority of other states by providing unemployment to spouses who are forced to leave their work when they are transferred for a new assignment.

Fair, transparent elections

Frank is a leading advocate for fair and transparent elections in Ohio, having introduced several bills in the last year that stem from bipartisan and common-sense policy proposed by election officials from across the state.  Frank believes Ohioans should have convenient and fair access to voting but also be sure the process is secure, accurate, and transparent.